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Minimize the stress of a family court with the help of our hard-working attorney

Divorce can be stressful, especially when it involves children. Attorney Michael W. Lyons, PSC can help you resolve your child custody disputes and agreements the best way possible. Lyons charges a retainer fee to represent you in child support, child support collection and divorce (petitioner and respondent) cases. Rest assured you and your child's best interest will be taken into account in family court.

Petitioner representation

Use an attorney with a background in divorce


Experienced attorney in child custody hearings

Licensed to practice family law in OH and KY for 28 years


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  • Come in with the basic information to draft a petition (verifying the accuracy of it), then file the petition with the court and serve it to your spouse

  • Resolve dissolution through a mediation process (dissolution is prepared), then both of you sign and submit it to the court

  • Final hearing scheduled

Respondent representation

  • Review the petition and file a response

  • We take the appropriate measures to resolve issues on behalf of you (temporary support, alimony, child’s situation, child custody arrangement)

  • We file motion with the court asking them to appoint a guardian ad litem (attorney to represent the interest of the minor child)

  • Parties and child meet with attorney for interview - we will advise the attorney’s position (the best interest of the child) and joint custody with the assured parenting schedule

If agreeable

  • Mediate differences between the party to save time, money and anguish of going through the court system

  • Uncontested final hearing or parties could avoid appearing in court at all (in KY)

  • Representation for cases involving shared parenting that don't benefit your children (work schedules or substance abuse)

  • Motion for change of custody